Should I use daily Kaizen or Kaizen events?

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      Mike Wilson

      Kaizen activities are commonly carried out in on of two ways: either through daily Kaizen or Kaizen events. Usually the best strategy is implement Kaizen through a balance of both, but it is important to know the difference and advantages of each.

      Daily Kaizen: Daily Kaizen involves everyone in the workplace. Workers should be able to spot abnormalities or issues in day to day work, ones that can be changed with a small improvement. Improvements and changes can be made on a daily basis and the facility will see continuous improvement.

      Kaizen events: Although the idea of Kaizen is continuous improvement, Kaizen events are structured events with a set beginning and end date. These periodic events are designed to bring together a group of people to focus on a specific process to improve, a problem that needs to be fixed, or a type of waste that needs to be addressed.

      If you’ve used Kaizen before in your facility did you practice daily Kaizen or did you hold Kaizen events? Or both? Share your experience below!

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