Kaizen, 5S, or Lean?

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      Mike Wilson

      With so many methodologies and philosophies that are recommended to reduce waste and increase efficiency, it may seem like you need to choose one and stick with it. If you’re deciding between 5S, Lean, and Kaizen, it may be time to reevaluate.

      5s, Kaizen, and Lean are three separate tools and strategies and interact with each other in different ways. 5S provides a framework and a set of steps to create a culture of discipline in the workplace while organizing spaces. Kaizen is a philosophy focused promoting continuous improvement by involving workers from all levels and constantly looking for ways to improve processes.  Lean on the hand is a business model that often uses both 5S and Kaizen to achieve its goals of making a more efficient and less wasteful workplace.

      Share your experience if you used Lean tools like 5S with continuous improvement in mind!

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