Can Kaizen reduce cost?

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      Mike Wilson

      Kaizen and the practice of continually improving processes usually results in a number of benefits for an organization.  Small improvements may not seem like much at the time, but these changes add up quickly for a dramatic overall improvement to the company.

      In a sort of roundabout way, Kaizen can help to reduce costs in the workplace. Many activities that fall under the umbrella of Kaizen work to reduce wastes and wastes can be a very significant expense to an organization. Wastes from several areas in the organization can be addressed when workers from all levels and departments are involved in Kaizen. Both costs and wastes can be reduced on areas like inventory, transportation, and different processes in the production line.

      Kaizen events also present a good opportunity for cost savings. You can plan an event with the specific goal to save money or reduce costs. Those apart of the Kaizen event team can meet throughout the event a work to develop ideas nod improvements that will lead to a reduction in costs.

      If you’ve used daily Kaizen or Kaizen events in your company, what benefits have you seen? Do you think Kaizen is an effective strategy for reducing a workplace’s cost? Let us know in the discussion!


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