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      Mike Wilson

      The second pillar of 5S is Seiton, translated to mean Set in Order. After you have thoroughly sorted the space, you should be left with only the essentials. Set in Order is the process of putting these items in a place that is easy to access and organizing them in a logical manner. It is important to completely finish the first step of 5S before moving on, otherwise any efforts made during this phase will be ineffective.

      Set in Order all about creating a space that is easy to work in. One way to accomplish this is to store items that are used together with each other. Tools and materials can be arranged in the order of use and items used on a daily basis can be stored closer to the worker to cut down on movements between tasks. Setting up the space intentionally and thoughtfully will work to minimize wastes and improve efficiency.

      Visual communication is extremely beneficial during this step and is a key component to any successful organizational program. Three often used strategies for marking and organizing your workspaces include:

      Labeling and Signs: Labels have long been a tried and true method for organization, and the same principles carry over into industrial facilities. Adding a label or sign on or above shelves, bins, and equipment serve as an effective reminder of where to return items once they are done being used. Not only is labeling a cost effective solution, it will help those unfamiliar with space to locate items and return them to the right place.

      Floor Markings: Although commonly associated with safety, floor tape and shapes can be used for a number of applications in organization. Use them to create work areas and outline spaces for pallets, raw materials, finished goods, shipping, and other static locations.

      Tool Outlining: Keeping track of tools can be difficult. However, using tool foam or vinyl shadow board tape allows you to customize a specific tool strategy. By having clear outlines for tools, workers will know where to return the tool after use and be able to immediately identify missing tools.

      The goal of Set in Order is to create a standardized and consistent way to store and retrieve tools and materials. The key here is standardization. The user must develop this system based on how often the tools and materials are accessed, and the process by which they are used.

      Has your facility implemented 5S, or get through the Set in Order phase? Let us know your experience and what tools you found to be particularly helpful for this pillar! 

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      Tony Ferraro

      We implemented 5S a few times within our manufacturing warehouse and had a lot of success with it. However, we also found that the most difficult step to 5S is, Sustain. It’s essential to have a calendar in place to make sure that your 5S project is being sustained and continuously implemented. Employees like to fall back to their old habits and unfortunately, they also like to take shortcuts. Just because you implemented 5S doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s essential that someone takes control of the project even after the project is complete. This is all based on my experience.

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